Instrumental Books

Songs are written simply as a melody line in treble clef (right hand clef) with chord names. The chords can be shaped by the left hand or even produced by the one-finger chord playing system of a home keyboard or electronic organ or piano. Virtually every type of music style is catered for in these lists and all the songs are shown for most of the books here.

A special feature of all these books is that in case you cannot remember how to do all of the chords used in a particular song, there is a diagram of every chord used with each tune, so that you can check them or learn new chords as you play.

These books can also be good for getting a large repertoire together at a reasonable cost, also for pianists who can play from chords, or for any other instrument that usually plays from a single line of music, particularly those whose instrument is in C, so that they could be accompanied by a chord playing pianist, keyboardist or guitarist.

What Do They Do?

Each of these great music songbooks contains full versions of very popular selections of songs in a normal songbook copy, ie with Piano with vocal line melody and words, and guitar chord symbols.You also have a high quality full orchestral backing CD. You can therefore go to either auditions or professional bookings confident of being properly equipped, regardless of whether a pianist, Keyboard player or band is available for you.

Great Selections

What`s more, these are superb songs, specially selected by professional arrangers and theatre people for their popularity and their impact to create a big impression, either in your show or at your audition.

All Kinds of Music

Now there are over 80 very popular selections here page, covering jazz, songs from the shows and films, party hits and more. and we even have a section of rock-band style material listed below for guitarists who can sing and play guitar from these books or NON-Guitarists who would like the version with the guitar included to use as a backing band

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